Om Sai Ram, welcome to divine healing at Heal Meditate!

Divine healing light and grace from a spiritual guru who is one with the Highest Divinity, is the ultimate blessing for a suffering soul. It reaches deep within the individual and removes diseases,  energy imbalances and pain, thereby restoring sound health and transforming life in the most unexpected ways! Sai Healing is that ultimate healing gift, blessing and grace from my transcendental spiritual Master, Saibaba of Shirdi. Sai Healing is for all of us regardless of racial, religious, social and ethnic backgrounds… because the Divine within is but One.

Healing vibrations of love, peace, joy, and even the profoundness experienced in deep meditation happen from within us. They do not come from an external source. We are born with this inherent healing power. We only have to know how exactly to tune in to it and channel it for cure and relief. A short daily meditation can turn circumstances around from adverse to favorable, provided it is sincerely practiced every day. Learn how to initiate the process and continue the daily practice with faith and patience.

I am Sunetra Basu Devanand, a certified Theta Healer and a Reiki Master Teacher, and the most amazing healing practices I am here to pass on to you from my spiritual Guru/ Master Sai are called… Sai Healing Everyday, and Divine White Light Healing Meditation. When one resorts to such powerful divine healing methods, rejuvenation of cells, relief from pain, stress, anxiety and disease and recovery from depression are the natural effortless outcome. Once the invisible sacred divine space, the abode of the Guru within us gets activated it makes all kinds of healing and transformation not only possible but obvious. Relationship issues, mental blockages, addictions, stagnation in work, obstacles in education are sorted out and resolved by the grace of the Divine One, Saibaba.

I share simple methods of connecting you to this highest divine consciousness, Sai, Who in my spiritual path is termed as ParaBrahma meaning the Absolute Divine. I conduct Sai Healing sessions and classes. I also channel Archangel and Akashic reading to obtain divine guidance regarding important matters and decisions in life. You can get in touch with me via email… or, via Whatsapp/call… (011) 91 7899922051.

Om Sai Ram

Healing Courses and Spiritual Counseling Sessions
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When I first came across Sunetra’s website, I was a bit skeptical about her and the attunement program she offers. My life was then a rollercoaster ride surmounting obstacles…
C S, India, April, 2019


​I had been suffering with gum problems that went undiagnosed for many years – despite regular visits to dentists in the UK – I have ended up with many gum problems…

JW, Sussex, UK, January, 2018


We sought Sunetra’s invaluable guidance to help support my 18 year old son on the autism spectrum who is facing some persistent medical health issues…

AB, India, December, 2017.

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Divine White Light Healing Meditation books by
Sunetra (Danya) Basu

White Light Meditation: Manifest Your Dreams And Aspirations (White Light Series Book 1)

White Light Meditation: Manifest Your Dreams And Aspirations (White Light Series Book 1)

White Light Healing Meditation Course: Return To Your Inner Divine (White Light Series Book 2)

White Light Healing Meditation Course: Return To Your Inner Divine (White Light Series Book 2)