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Divine Healing or Spiritual Healing that reaches deep within us can remove disease, rectify energy imbalances and restore sound health. It is inherent in each one of us. All vibrations of love, peace, ecstasy and even the profoundness experienced in deep meditation originate somewhere inside us and not from any external source. We essentially carry that power and only have to know how exactly to tune in to that vibration, that state that will start the necessary healing process, whether it is a painful chronic condition, acute health problem, depression, mental health issues or a disease that we want to be free of.  In reality this healing can happen naturally, and very quickly too. Learning how to initiate the process is where we have to invest some time and continue with faith and patience. But it will happen. The healing, the rejuvenation of cells, the relief from pain and distress, and the bouncing back to life from depression and agony will come about with two short daily sessions of thirty minutes each. That is what Sunetra Basu Devanand facilitates. Sunetra mentions, “It is the Highest Divine state within each of us that makes any kind of healing possible. In my spiritual culture I call It Divine ParaBrahma Consciousness. I pass on simple methods of connecting with It everyday so you can experience this powerhouse of healing, protection and the good life you want to manifest.” 

Sunetra conducts one on one Spiritual Healing and Counseling sessions and also passes on the most profound daily practice of Divine White Light Healing and Meditation that takes you out of tough situations and restores health, wealth and happiness in your life. Whether it is health concerns, relationship issues or mental/emotional problems, the sessions work very deep within you. You will experience the changes for yourself, there is no doubt about it. With consistent practice you can even experience the most sought after spiritual state of perfect inner peace, bliss supreme, and Oneness with the Master that is the ultimate goal of every spiritual journey. 

Sunetra also channels Archangel and Tarot counseling messages for you through detailed Archangel, Oracle and Akashic Tarot Card Readings. 

You can get in touch with Sunetra to book Spiritual Healing sessions and courses and take Counseling sessions as well. For further guidance please email reikisunetra@gmail.com or Whatsapp/call (011) 91 7899922051.

Once you step into this healing journey the transformation of your energies happens steadily and rapidly. The Healing Light sanctifies everything It touches! With ancient, time-tested natural healing systems like Divine White Light Healing Meditation, Theta Healing and Reiki, you can soon find a holistic solution and a profound change in the way you experience life as a whole.

Spiritual Healing Sessions and Courses
+91 78999 22051

Sunetra enables relief and recovery from disease, pain, distress, depression, anxiety and other mental-emotional problems. One on one solutions are offered as Spiritual Healing Sessions, Divine White Light Meditation Courses, Reiki Courses and, Archangel and Tarot Card Readings. Sunetra has been serving as a spiritual healing channel for over two decades. Her client and student Testimonials speak for themselves. The sublime practices she passes on heal both the practitioner and the patient.


When I first came across Sunetra’s website, I was a bit skeptical about her and the attunement program she offers. My life was then a rollercoaster ride surmounting obstacles…
C S, India, April, 2019


​I had been suffering with gum problems that went undiagnosed for many years – despite regular visits to dentists in the UK – I have ended up with many gum problems…

JW, Sussex, UK, January, 2018


We sought Sunetra’s invaluable guidance to help support my 18 year old son on the autism spectrum who is facing some persistent medical health issues…

AB, India, December, 2017.

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Divine White Light Healing Meditation books by
Sunetra (Danya) Basu

White Light Meditation: Manifest Your Dreams And Aspirations (White Light Series Book 1)

White Light Meditation: Manifest Your Dreams And Aspirations (White Light Series Book 1)

White Light Healing Meditation Course: Return To Your Inner Divine (White Light Series Book 2)

White Light Healing Meditation Course: Return To Your Inner Divine (White Light Series Book 2)