“I have been dedicated to Divine Healing with Reiki for 21 years. I am very grateful to have healed, counseled and rehabilitated many suffering individuals in their times of need. My main intention is to restore the lost health, life force and creativity in people who have lost it and are open to receiving healing/counseling from me to overcome their difficulties. My counseling and healing services are meant to bring to you the healing magic of Reiki, the cosmic healing wave.. the Universal Life Energy, and the grace of the Divine White Light, to restore your wellbeing, revive your health and make you aware of your forgotten or unknown creativity, innate power and Inner Divine connections of the Self. I also conduct Card Sessions that give you answers to vital questions at the crossroads of life so you can take the wisest decisions and turn your life in the right direction. And no matter how unlikely it seems, you will surmount your problems and come out of them as the winner!”

Sunetra Basu is a Reiki Master Teacher and the founder teacher of White Light Healing Meditation Course. Reiki is an ancient natural healing system that involves channeling the Universal Life Energy that brings pain relief as well as deep holistic healing and fast improvement in chronic/acute health conditions. White Light Healing Meditation is a simple ten minute meditation practice that was gifted to Sunetra in deep meditation and has been bringing immense, often miraculous improvements in health conditions and in life situations. This practice involves channeling of the healing wave of the highest order/frequency… Divine White Light. Anyone above fourteen years of age, located in any part of the world can learn these healing methods from Sunetra. These holistic healing systems restore health, positivity and the missing element of joy within the practitioner if practiced regularly.

Sunetra also provides deep insights and elaborate spiritual guidance specific to a person or situation in hand. She channels higher (Akashic/Angelic) messages from that provide clarity, direction and support at life’s crossroads. Her sessions enable complete chakra healing and relief from stress, anxiety, depression, anger, addiction and disease.

Sunetra had been serving as a healing channel since the year 2000. She completed her Reiki Master Degree in 2010 and started teaching healing courses right after that. Over the years individuals across USA, India, Europe, UAE and Australia have been benefited with relief from painful and debilitating health conditions, return of mental balance, emotional stability, self-confidence, inner calm and a positive mindset by availing her services. You will find a few of them sharing their healing and learning experiences with Sunetra on the Testimonials page.

Healing is a way of life. Healing uplifts the consciousness and elevates the individual experience of life. Healing happens through the heart center. The intention to heal and to get healed is the most essential step in this journey.

RMT Sunetra Basu

RMT Sunetra Basu

Healing & Teaching Since 2000
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