Emotional Freedom Therapy

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Therapy.

EFT is used to get rid of physical problems at the root cellular level, mental and emotional problems, addictions, OCDs and recurring mental-emotional patterns. EFT is an extremely fast and effective healing therapy wherein complete relief is enabled by removing negative or unfavorable impressions of visual memories as well as sensory impressions from the past or past lives that got absorbed into our cell receptors or got deposited along all the energy meridians (nadis). These impressions are what cause subconscious tendencies, cravings, chemical addictions and recurring physical, mental and emotional patterns. They are also responsible for the eruption of disease, depression and disturbances, and block our progress in different areas of life.

Clearing away these impressions brings incredible, almost instant relief, and rectify our circumstances automatically by removing the root cause.

The positive effects, flow of energy and transformation EFT brings is as deep and refreshing as a rebirth… a whole new world, a whole new life, a whole new perspective, and a whole new set of uplifting experiences ensue with EFT.

Sunetra explains, “The clearing is done in stages

The whole process takes about an hour and a half. We will probably require one to three sessions. Besides that if I give you a short tapping HW in between, I’ll guide you how to do the repeated tapping on your own if I feel that is required and might speed up the healing process.

EFT revokes extremely serious physical and mental conditions. It will definitely help you get out of your condition too. Every day more and more individuals, civilians, abuse victims, war veterans and professionals including actors, performers, athletes and sportspersons continue to experience relief from mental/emotional trauma, hurtful memories, persistent painful physical conditions, mental addictions and compulsions with EFT, and return to a successful, happy work and personal life.

The amazing thing is that as compared to other healing therapies and modalities, EFT brings about the radical shift within just a few hours. Most often a few sessions at regular intervals are all one needs to undo decades old, genetic or past life residues, harmful notions and negative impressions in the mental, emotional, physical and energy bodies of the client. Having treated individuals across the globe with Reiki and Divine White Light for over two decades, I find this a huge advantage and a blessing, given the current situation and need of the hour.”

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