Happy Pongal/Sankranti!!

Happy Pongal/Sankranti!!

Good Day Friends!
Happy Pongal/Sankranti!!

May the Light of the Divine at our heart center awaken with every conscious breath we take.

Five minute exercise to
~merge into the Light within
~consolidate faith
~ensure Divine Contact and Intervention in a second…

Find a silent spot. Keep the eyes closed, body ready to relax, mind eager to lighten up.
It is preferable that you are in a moderately upright posture with the backbone comfortably straight. Legs can be crossed or straight, or bent at the knee and on the floor as while sitting on a chair. Keep the mind solely on each breath. Knowing that the Universal Divine is in each breath you take and release, consciously intend to infuse love from your heart center into every inhalation and exhalation. Thus you express Divine Love into Divine Breath with a Divine Intention, over and over again, twice a day, that assimilates into your thoughts, words and actions, your interactions and experiences throughout the day.

The practice steps…
1. Comfortably slow inhalation while chanting the Divine name/mantra of your Sadguru/ Ishta silently in your mind.
1. Comfortably slow exhalation while chanting the Divine name/mantra of your Sadguru/ Ishta silently in your mind.
3. Repeat 1. and 2. at ease for 5 minutes or more.

Let the image you associate with appear/disappear in your mind if it does spontaneously. Do not pay much heed or invest any effort or intention to hold a vision. Be casual, carefree and relaxed as you breathe. There is nowhere to go, no goal to reach, no level to achieve. There is the Divine Consciousness, the connecting Breath, and there is You.

…So let go of thoughts, worries and concerns for Now.

Practice this twice a day… morning and evening, or more times, as and when you have five minutes or more in hand for developing and widening your awareness of the Divine Self within!
🌼With Love and Light!…