Find Your God ~ the philosophy, the science & the experience of 'God and I'

Religions and religious practices across the world take to different ways, methods, approaches and occasions to reach out to that which followers call 'God'. From the very ancient times man has been on a quest to first conceptualize, seek and discover this unimaginably large entity, or simply, presence called 'God', the Creator of life and the universe as we perceive them. Many saints and elevated souls have walked this planet and left their unmatched wisdom to help the common man solve this mystery for none other than himself. Their Gospels, revered as religious scriptures, are mostly taken at face value instead of seeking to comprehend the essence of their words and what they really meant, and are blindly adhered to rather superficially with the hope to unfold the reality of 'God and I'.

In seeking his God from these external sources, man mistakenly conditions his mind into believing that the seat of God is external as well, and often ends up taking words of saints and prophets largely out of context. But the truth prevails that the only place where one experiences 'God' is deep within the self.

All objects of worship including idols and pictures of deities, religious occasions and phenomena that are meant to invoke God are in reality triggers, catalysts and motivators conducive to awakening the experience of God within the individual. They provide support to the young worshipper to invoke the Divine presence within. They remind the worshipper of the worshipped, create calmness in the mind, and induce convergence and focus of his/her energies unto the form, mantra, and any other visual or acoustic representation of the same thus taking the mind off other matters for the time being. While some religions prescribe a way of achieving this inner energy convergence and alignment through objects and idols of worship, others seek out to and identify God with Mother Nature and the celestial bodies. The end result, however, certainly remains the same...

The occurrence of God happens deep within the self.

With the passage of time, as one goes deeper into this practice of finding God, the dependence on the above mentioned external stimuli is supposed to get reduced with time. Catalysts and symbols of Divinity, while preserved with love and care, are no longer indispensable for experiencing God, the bliss and the peace associated with It. It is actually important that as time passes by, instead of becoming dependent on the external conditions and tools of worship, the practicing devotee consciously weans himself/herself off such requirements in order to derive the experience and to feel the presence of his/her God. Once that is achieved, all that one needs is a thought, or simply closing the eyes, and an effortless instant alignment, shift of consciousness and merging with God happens then and there. External factors such as where, how, when, with whom, etc. become irrelevant altogether.

The incidence of God is always first felt in and around the Anahata or heart chakra to begin with, and later on transcends upwards to the Sahasrara or crown chakra at the top of the head, in the center, at a point in between the two ears. The clear perception and understanding of God, however, occurs at yet another point between the heart and the crown... the Ajna or third-eye chakra located between the brows on the forehead. Here God reveals Its true nature in a state of perfect equilibrium of internal energies. This is a gradual auto-revealing process and much wonder is experienced in course of the ascension from 'feeling God' at the heart to 'understanding Its reality' at the third eye. By the time the experience of God rises higher into the crown chakra, the individual is one with the Divine, Its perfection, silence, void, and endless expressions through Light, Sound, Matter and Spirit... and a realization of universality and unity blossoms. So no matter where your experience is in the present... whether feeling God at the heart, understanding God at the third eye, or realizing It through oneness at the crown chakra, the true essence of what humanity calls God, Its presence, the eternal bliss and the peace associated with It is only found deep within the Self.

...And therefore Jesus says -"The kingdom of God is within you."

...And Sant Kabir says, "I sought Him in the whole wide world, but did not look inside of me."

LOOK WITHIN! ~ the Healer, the Miracle-maker, the Supreme Divine Power, the Almighty, the Source of all answers and the Solution to all your problems sits right within you... it is up to you to discover and acknowledge this forgotten reality. Fix an appointment with Him/Her twice everyday, spend some time together, get to know Him/Her better!~ Practice Meditation and Prayer for ten to fifteen uninterrupted minutes at least twice a day. Soon you will find your God, and you will realize exactly where your Superpower nestles forever.

...And so I say You are the designer of your life, the writer of your own destiny. Learn and practice to create every experience your way. This is the gift White Light Healing Meditation brings to you.

With love and light!...

~ Sunetra Basu


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