When Love Overrides

The true touch of divinity takes a second to purify one inside out. Such is its power and healing intensity.

When love swells from within, nothing else will stand in the way. Life has its own rhythm, preset and predetermined for an unseen greater good. There is no way that the journey will detour. So all one really needs to do is just walk on.

When you say let there be light, then know that there IS Light all around you! Nothing could stand in the way because YOU have called out to It. Divine Light is an expression of God's love for us. So It comes unconditionally and heals instantly.

Faith is the spirit of Love at its highest frequency when no logic, science, phenomena, pattern or any other explanation can bring about any other outcome than what has been called upon by the 'Asking Soul'. It is bound to happen even in the instance of denying the so called laws of nature, physics, or civilization for that matter. Everything is fair in faith, for faith is love at its best! Faith will set new laws in motion and if needed, deny the ones in place.

...Because love overrides all else in reality. Love of an honest heart is the germ of creation. It will go against all rules if so required, and still make your life beautiful... turn deserts into blossoming orchards... the seed of love opens up closed hearts, creates passion in a dull mind, and secures freedom for one and all... freedom of thought and of expression.

Where there is faith in the Divine One, there is magic in every idea, every move and every change in life... And life itself is a series of miracles!

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vaasudevaaya! - Like a mantra as strong as this... even a single thought of Him sets you eternally free from bondage, instantly.

With love and light...

Sunetra Basu

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