Wipe It Clean Before You Sleep

When I was little, my school taught me that I should pray in the morning, afternoon, evening and at night before going to bed. Prayers as such do wonders in life, removing negative influences and ushering in positive vibes, people and resources for our desired outcome. Everyone has experienced the power of a sincere prayer at some point in life. However, night prayers have their own outstanding ability to brighten up our days.

All through the day we go through so much, we toil and chase targets, reach goals, endure failure, confront competition, accept challenges and win wars every day at work, and at play.

Our minds are like sponges. They absorb all these experiences one by one at lightning speed even without us realizing what all we are picking up and accumulating because most of it happens through the subconscious. By the time it is night, at the end of the day the mind is too crowded with thoughts and impressions gathered through the life lived in that one day. Of course, there are so many one days we have thus lived on and on and on, so imagine the amount of clutter of feelings, of emotions, of attitudes, and behavior we are carrying within this place called the mind, and carelessly adding more and more to it each day. To top it all, the present day menace... fear, stress and anxiety predominate... the seeds of most diseases then germinate in course of time. Needless to say, if something is not done to clear the unnecessary clutter picked up every day, performance and life as a whole will become more and more tough each day.

Luckily, the easiest and the best solution to this problem is available to all of us if only we take a few minutes out and devote to it every day...

Before you go to sleep, sit in a cozy comfortable position in a quiet place, preferably near your bed. Close your eyes, breathe slow and easy, and just relax for three minutes. Then, in the quiet of the night, meditate within, focusing near the heart. Call upon the Divine Light and ask It to wipe away all the negativity gathered in or attached to you through the day. Consciously release all the heaviness and toxicity into the Divine Light!...you might have taken in a lot unconsciously even without realizing you did. These, if left behind, will in course of time give rise to fear, pain and disease. If surrendered and released daily, they will not cause you harm. Your mind will be free and a huge unwelcome weight will be lifted off each night. The mind thus wiped clean of negative residues returns to its originally calm balanced state, refreshed and rejuvenated to take on another new day, ready to embrace the challenges of life with the love and enthusiasm of a new sunrise.

...And the immediate benefit is that you will have a peaceful, sound and refreshing sleep all through the night, guaranteed!

Let the Light touch you at the core of your heart and spread throughout your entire being, purifying, cleansing and healing you all the way every night just before you call it a day.

With love and light...

Sunetra Basu

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