REIKI - a gift against the pandemic (faster Covid Healing and Higher Immunity with REIKI)

Distance Healing Sessions for Boosting Immunity and Resistance Power against Infections, and Healing Corona Patients for Quicker Recovery ...

Reiki and Divine White Light heal through an invisible and intricate network of numerous energy pathways running through us. In energy healing the healing energy is transferred to the receiving individual via this network as well as via direct energy induction. The passing of Reiki by an empowered Reiki Master/Practitioner is especially intended to boost immunity. In this present after Corona world, Reiki is an invaluable healing and protective weapon that is safe, natural, simple to learn and yet extremely powerful and effective. Reiki serves as a quick remedy against infections. It has been observed that taking regular Distance Reiki Healing Sessions of 30 to 40 minutes for 15 to 21 days at a stretch manifests very impressive positive results in the form of energy protection, enabling quick recovery, restoring immunity, and, rebuilding tissues, inner strength and vitality.

# Reiki significantly enhances one's power to fight against disease causing germs. Sometimes we are carriers of germs without our knowledge. Reiki helps destroy and remove germs that might already be present in the aura or in the physical body automatically with consistent healing for a few days.

# Reiki acts against and displaces negative energy blockages that are the root cause and building blocks of disease, and thus accelerates the healing process.

# It has also been seen that Reiki considerably reduce chances of contracting disease causing germs and prevents flaring up of infections by boosting immunity and keeping the level of life energy, that is, 'prana shakti', at the optimal level in the individual.

# Reiki accelerates tissue rebuilding and repair with the steady flow of life energy, maintaining it at the optimal level, and thus enables quicker recovery.

# Reiki helps restore and maintain perfect energy balance across the major chakras and thus brings mental-emotional stability, and induces a positive thought pattern.

# Regular Reiki keeps one's physical, mental and emotional energies at the optimal level that generates the sense of happiness and peace. These positive energy vibrations are much higher than the vibrations at which disease causing germs typically dwell. Maintaining a positive mindset, inner calm, balance and joy naturally eradicates chances of attracting or intrusion of parasites vibrating at a much lower energy level thus protecting the body and aura (the protective sheath of subtle energy that envelopes the physical body).

# Reiki builds a strong and highly fortified aura densely charged with the Universal Life Force Energy all around the physical body. An energized aura serves as our natural armor... a strong barrier that prevents germs from intruding through it and thus protects the body by keeping all negative energy vibrations and germs out.

Everyone can hugely benefit from regular Reiki Sessions given as a comprehensive healing course especially in the post pandemic world we live in today. Bookings are currently open for Reiki Sessions for Corona patients as those eager to take the preventive immunity boosting Reiki Healing Course that significantly increases resistance to infection and disease. Please email if you want to fix up your sessions with RMT Sunetra Basu.

Thank you,

Love, Light and Reiki!...

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