Self-love Meditation

Love is in the air!

Every breath we inhale brings in more and more of the most essential subtle element of love... the invisible yet palpable building block of life. When your relationship with yourself or with anyone else is constrained or conflicted, it is time to take a ten minute break and be with yourself in silence every day.

Simply follow these steps to get out of the clutter and mess within and thus automate the resurrection and recovery of an ongoing relationship that you wish to revive, or, to kindle a potential new relationship of love in your life, romantic or otherwise...

Break free from your daily routines and promises for just 10 to 15 minutes.

Find a quiet place to sit and relax.

Be seated in a comfortable posture, preferably as on a chair (with a backrest if required) with your feet flat on the ground, or, sit cross-legged on a flat, firm surface in 'padmasan'.

Relax your muscles... just let go for a few minutes, knowing you will return to and attend to everything in hand very soon.

Close your eyes and just breathe easy, slow and at the pace that relaxes you. As you breathe bring the attention at the heart chakra area at the center of the chest.

Once you feel at ease and relaxed, take a slow deep breath, knowing you are inhaling the invisible quintessential particles of life energy/ 'prana shakti' that charge up all your cells and mental vibes.

As you inhale mentally visualize (or simply wish, if you cannot visualize) that pure dazzling white waves of sparkling Universal Life Energy are descending upon your head, entering through the crown chakra located at the top of the head, slowly cascading downwards through you, spreading across and saturating all the physical body parts, and spilling out into the aura (the subtle protective energy sheath) around the physical body. It continues to flow downwards through the neck, shoulders, lungs, heart, abdomen, including all digestive, reproductive and excretory organs, finally reaching down into the legs and the feet.

Your entire physical body, mind and aura are well saturated with the White Light particles of life! You know you are secure in the huge ball of Light... the womb of the Divine Mother, safe and secure in Her Universal all powerful love!

Now with each breath know that you are inhaling this unconditional love. Exhale the displaced negativity, conflicts, fears, anger, grudge, guilt and blame (aimed towards yourself or others) that might have been stored in you. You might be aware of some, and might not be aware of some. But you are definitely going to get rid of all these energies that do not serve you in your highest interests after 5 to 7 conscious breaths.

Continue breathing slow, long and easy. With 5 to 7 easy inhalations you are filled with the sweet unconditional love of the Universal Life Energy that forgives and accepts you just as you have been over the past years, and just as you are!

With 5 to 7 exhalations you are completely clean of energy barriers that stood in the way of your experience of love and joy. You have allowed the higher divinity to take over, and to claim the ownership of doing things you regret doing or not doing. This is cleaning up all the guilt and fear stored in you. You have surrendered to a much higher intelligence that knows deeper and sees greater than you can. It says that it is OK to be yourself and act who you are. All your thoughts were driven by a higher force and even mistakes had a purpose to serve, a lesson to be learnt and remembered. Therefore each experience was as valuable as deeds you praise yourself for doing.

Do not judge an event by its face value. There are deeper connotations to everything you confront and go through along your life path. And you are loved every moment unconditionally! Every natural resource is still showered upon you just as it always was. Nature never deprives you, so why should you?

Just breathe easy, in and out... be in complete awe of being who you are. Let go of old rigid beliefs that made you blame or pity yourself for being in tough situations. Feel free! Love yourself, your gifts, and look beyond the self imposed limits. IT IS OK.

Now let your love expand. Visualize your partner beside you. See the universal White Light overflow from you and reach your partner. It touches and fills him/her completely. Wish mentally that he or she feels the same self love and acceptance you feel at your heart. See the two of you cut off the shackles that kept you tied up. The Light has set you free!

Visualize the Light within each establishing a bond of peace and understanding.

Realize that your partner too is entitled to universal love of the Divine Mother... relief from blame, guilt and grudge, just as you did. Accept him or her as is. You will soon experience a sea of transformation in the relationship and see changes in him or her as well. Remember, to reach somewhere else, you must first start from wherever you are in the present. So accept first. The rest will follow by Higher Grace!

Send loving thoughts to yourself and your partner. This itself is a healing method that works wonders. Know that it always reaches across and brings back even stronger vibes of love to you. This is a natural power each of us has. Use it every day to energize yourself and to strengthen your relationship with any other person.

Thank the Universe. Feel peace and calm restored in yourself and between you and your partner. Visualize happy exchanges between the two of you and bless this picture with unconditional love and White Light!

With love, light and Reiki to you!...

Sunetra Basu

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