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Due to known and unknown reasons through the course of one's life, this energy that keeps one alive and healthy, might get eroded, causing diseases of the mind and the body, and imbalances in various aspects of life. A Reiki Master/Channel is especially trained and empowered to access, channel and redirect this energy into individuals... persons, animals and plants so as to replenish the lost energies, repair damaged tissues, and revive the body and mind, thus restoring wellbeing and health at optimal levels.

The result of a thorough Reiki healing course typically is relief from pain, disease, symptoms and the root cause of disease. Reiki heals holistically at the physical, mental, and emotional levels, and helps attract positive changes into one's life.

RMT Sunetra Basu has been channeling Reiki to individuals and thus enabling healing of acute and chronic health problems since the year 2000. Sunetra provides 21-day complete cleansing/healing sessions to restore one to health, happiness and a life of abundance. She also teaches Reiki Courses - Levels 1 and 2 to individuals all over the world as Distant Courses, and conducts special in person Reiki Classes exclusively for ladies.


I had been suffering with gum problems that went undiagnosed for many years - despite regular visits to dentists in the UK - I have ended up with many gum problems. After finding out about Sunetra and her White Light Healing I requested to be on her weekly healing list. That was six months ago. At my recent visit to my dentist they told me my gums were no longer bleeding - something they never thought was possible! I am so relieved and grateful to know my body is healing in the White Light.

JW, Sussex, UK,

January, 2018.


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Reiki Treatment

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If you wish to book the thorough 21-day cleansing/healing with Sunetra Basu, please email the full name, location, and health problems of the individual to be healed to or use the email button below.


Please make payment for the healing sessions only after getting a response to your email from Sunetra. All healing sessions are each 30 minute in duration, and one may book either 3 or 21 healing sessions.


The 3 healing sessions package is priced at $20/ INR 1400 per session, and the 21-day thorough cleansing/healing sessions are priced at $15/ INR 1050 per session.

If you wish to book for Reiki in person classes or distant courses, please email Sunetra for available date/time to or use the email button given below. The course fee for Reiki First Degree (Level 1) is $100/INR 7000, and the course fee for Reiki Second Degree (Level 2) is $200/ INR 14000.

Reiki Course and Healing Session payments can be made either via the PayPal buttons below, or via an alternate payment  facility that can be shared via email if needed.

3 healing sessions or weekly healing sessions fee $20/session 
(INR 1400 approx)
Please enter the amount you want to pay
21 day healing sessions fee $15/session 
(INR 1050 approx)
Reiki First Degree (Level 1)
$50 (INR 3500 approx)
Reiki Second Degree (Level 2)
$100 (INR 7000 approx)


This is a full disclaimer that the healing methodology and meditation technique used, referred to and passed on through this website are purely non-invasive spiritual/divine and universal in nature. They do not accrue to any religion, sect, cult or belief-system, and are not to be associated with any medical/surgical treatments, methodologies or practices. These spiritual healing methods do not substitute any medical treatments or procedures. Please continue to visit your doctor(s) and continue all medications and medical  treatment procedures as prescribed by your physician(s) even as you learn and practice these amazingly effective healing and meditation techniques every day. As your conditions improve with regular White Light Healing, your doctor(s) will naturally adjust your medicines and doses based on their medical expertise. 

Enjoy life in a much greater way with White Light!

With love and light!

~ Sunetra Basu

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