Spiritual Counseling / Card Reading

When you are in perfect alignment with your Higher Spirit, the Universe opens up to you Its many channels of Divine Conversation, each bringing to you its characteristic level of clarity, depth of wisdom and Divine guidance meant just for your life-path and inner development.
Sunetra Basu Devanand has been in tune with the realm of the Ascended Masters and the Archangels, the Oracle and the Akashic transmissions through single pointed intentions and loving connections nurtured over decades of seeking and practice.
She utilizes her deep alignment with the higher divine entities and the Akashic Realm to help you look deeper into your life, to avail possibilities, and to take well informed guided decisions at life’s dilemmas and crossroads. Sunetra’s spiritual counseling helps you improve relationships, discern and shape your career path, find the perfect partner, arrive at health solutions, resolve conflicts at work and at home, and get a clear view of the past, present and future of any particular situation in your life.

The Oracle and Akashic Realms furnish us with invaluable wisdom and truth about the existing, past and future energies pervading in and around us, flowing through and giving shape to our life experiences. They explain why things have been, or are the way they are, and help us take the next steps based on the timeless records of our karma as Akashic Records, and the blessing guidance and accurate predictions from the Divine energies of the Oracle.

The Angelic Realm is a world of mystical magical healing lights vibrating at super high frequencies usually invisible to the human eye. The Angels, Archangels and the Ascended Masters come to our rescue the moment we ask for help. Help could come in the form of people resources, wealth resources, information resources or simply, knowledge and ideas that suddenly strike a spark of wisdom out of the blue even in the most confused mind and become the most obvious yet inconceivable solutions for us to come up with on our own. Divine Grace opens up umpteen possibilities in the middle of nothing just as the rays of the sun banish darkness at dawn. That’s the power of the Angel Healing Lights!

The Angels too provide invaluable advice and direction from a place of unconditional love to every question or situation we present to them. We simply need to take the one pivotal step …to ASK and ALLOW. Our free will to invite their blessings gives them the permission to intervene and resurrect us. Sunetra Basu channels such solutions and advice from The Akashic realm, the Oracle, the Angelic realm, and through detailed Archangel and Jesus Card Readings. This service can be booked here to get a deeper insight and to find your way out of any adverse situation you might be caught in…

If you wish to book your private Spiritual Guidance session with Sunetra, please send your message along with your full name, a recent photograph, and your queries via email to reikisunetra@gmail.com, or WhatsApp to 7899922051.

With love and light!…

Sunetra Basu Devanand ~ Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Theta Healer, Angelic and Tarot Card Reader

Spiritual Guidance through Archangel, Oracle and Akashic Tarot Card Reading session for 45 minutes

Session Fee: INR 1600 / USD 21.33

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