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The Oracle and Akashik Realms furnish us with invaluable wisdom and truth about the existing, past and future energies pervading in and around us, flowing through and giving shape to our life experiences. They explain why things have been, or are the way they are, and help us take the next steps based on the timeless records of our karma as Akashik Records, and the blessing guidance and accurate predictions from the Divine energies of the Oracle.

The Angelic Realm is a world of mystical magical healing lights vibrating at super high frequencies usually invisible to the human eye. The Angels, Archangels and the Ascended Masters, especially, Jesus and Buddha, come to our rescue the moment we ask for help. Help could come in the form of people resources, wealth resources, information resources or simply, knowledge and ideas that suddenly strike a spark of wisdom out of the blue even in the most confused mind and become the most obvious yet inconceivable solutions for us to come up with on our own. Divine Grace opens up umpteen possibilities in the middle of nothing just as the rays of the sun banish darkness at dawn. That's the power of the Angel Healing Lights!


The Angels too provide invaluable advice and direction from a place of unconditional love to every question or situation we present to them. We simply need to take the one pivotal step ASK and ALLOW. Our free will to invite their blessings gives them the permission to intervene and resurrect us. Sunetra Basu channels such solutions and advice from The Akashik realm, the Oracle, the Angelic realm, and through detailed Jesus and Archangel Card Readings. This service can be booked here to get a deeper insight into life, and to find your way out of any adverse situation you might be caught in...

Spiritual Messages and Angel Guidance Service - $25/INR 2000 approx.
for a thorough report and response to all your questions along with an all inclusive written copy that will be emailed to you. Please call or email for more information.

I had been suffering with gum problems that went undiagnosed for many years - despite regular visits to dentists in the UK - I have ended up with many gum problems. After finding out about Sunetra and her White Light Healing I requested to be on her weekly healing list. That was six months ago. At my recent visit to my dentist they told me my gums were no longer bleeding - something they never thought was possible! I am so relieved and grateful to know my body is healing in the White Light.

JW, Sussex, UK,

January, 2018.


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This is a full disclaimer that the healing methodology and meditation technique used, referred to and passed on through this website are purely non-invasive spiritual/divine and universal in nature. They do not accrue to any religion, sect, cult or belief-system, and are not to be associated with any medical/surgical treatments, methodologies or practices. These spiritual healing methods do not substitute any medical treatments or procedures. Please continue to visit your doctor(s) and continue all medications and medical  treatment procedures as prescribed by your physician(s) even as you learn and practice these amazingly effective healing and meditation techniques every day. As your conditions improve with regular White Light Healing, your doctor(s) will naturally adjust your medicines and doses based on their medical expertise. 

Enjoy life in a much greater way with White Light!

With love and light!

~ Sunetra Basu

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