Spirituality Beyond Religion ~ Neither Rituals Nor Forms, Just Purity Matters

Heal~Meditate with Danya Basu offers a unique collection of intensive healing resources, and as you’ve probably noticed by now, they transcend man-made cultural and religious boundaries. Here you find universal energy healing, Buddha of Compassion healing meditation, the universal consciousness ~ White Light healing meditation, Angel healing, and Jesus messages. However, the Source of all these spiritual healing tools is essentially ONE.

When you are thirsty, what you seek is pure, clean water. It does not matter whether the water comes from a river, a lake, a waterfall, an underground spring or a tap so long as the content of it is pure, unadulterated and clean. So long as it is ‘water’ it will quench you! …because only its purity matters.

With spiritual thirst too, it is the same… all that you actually seek is the sacred, pure vibrations of the divine. If the seeker really seeks just Truth, just Divinity, just that which is pure, sacred innocence, then the form and the source of it hardly matter, and all that he cares for is the purity of the vibrations that he perceives. There he goes blind in not differentiating between the red and the blue and the white and the yellow. For all colors to him are but components of the universal white! Such vibrations of pure love seamlessly transcend barriers of culture, tradition, language and religion.

For the spirit is free of differences and barriers, it lives its truest reality… of love of the self and for the other; thus Spirituality is truly universal! Ever since I became aware and have known this truth, I perceive the singular state of bliss across all pure vibrations regardless of their given names, forms, associations and methods of approach.

…And thus the spirit is quenched.

With love and light!…

~ Sunetra Basu

email: sunetra819@yahoo.com