Switch On Your White Light Consciousness To Heal All Day Long

Thinking of and staying in Divine White Light consciousness keeps you well armoured from negativities and makes you invincible even in the face of tough adversities.

Just think of the Light all the time shining through and circling all around you. Feel it enter through the crown chakra at the top of your head, and flow through you as an uninterrupted soothing fluorescent luminous stream. See it expand to and illuminate all the parts of your body, mind and feelings. You are in a cocoon of White Light. Simply stay in it all day long… rest in it through the night.

Experience a free, painless state of inner bliss and outer harmony just like that.

Practice being in the Light and you will know for yourself what it feels like.

With love and light!…

~ Sunetra Basu

email: sunetra819@yahoo.com