A year or so ago I realized I could also pass on the Light of inner brilliance!!…a revelation that has woven my thoughts and energies into a new fabric of life, of spiritual giving. I channeled the knowledge of the sublime practice called White Light Healing Meditation, one that can be effortlessly taught and instilled into anyone interested in this outstanding gift… the secret knowhow of manifestation of life, of abundance and fulfillment, no matter how great it is that you aspire to materialize.

Today I am blessed to be able to share with the entire world this unmatched secret, an utmost blessing to mankind, through my latest book, Volume 2 in my White Light Series, called White Light Healing Meditation Course ~ Return To Your Inner Divine. Those who have taken the course or this book, taken the attunement that I sent them, and begun their own White Light journeys, realize its intrinsic worth… the Truth behind how a short and simple ten minute twice a day practice can completely transform, elevate and empower you to live your deepest aspirations.

note: White Light course and Course Books are available on the home page of www.healmeditate.com and www.trans4mind.in.

I wish that all those who visit this website, find me or my spiritual gifts, are blessed to embrace this phenomenal spiritual gift I offer to experience self-realization, material success and universal spiritual Oneness!

All of you are very welcome!

With love and White Light!…

~ Sunetra Basu

email: sunetra819@yahoo.com