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You are about to experience the 7th Plane – the highest plane of the Creator of All That Is, in every ThetaHealing session.

Life is easy with Theta!

ThetaHealing is a very simple yet deep, intensive healing process for self-growth and a meditation technique to effortlessly transform challenges and hardships into a comfortable life of your choice. Anyone can be guided into the Theta state – the only prerequisite is one’s belief in the existence of the Divine/Creator Father, Mother or That.

ThetaHealing Sessions conducted by Sunetra Basu, certified ThetaHealing Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher

ThetaHealing is a meditative healing practice wherein a certified ThetaHealing practitioner guides the client up to the 7th Plane of consciousness, the plane of the Creator of All That Is. At this level of consciousness your brain generates theta waves, the same waves generated when one is absorbed in very deep meditation. From within this state of Theta the practitioner is capable of co-creating with the Creator of All That Is… health, wealth, positive transformations and desired life changes for the client instantly.

ThetaHealing was founded by Vianna Stibal from Montana, USA, in the year 1995, when she healed her cancer and completely transformed her life thereafter. Ever since, ThetaHealing has been instrumental in transforming and reconfiguring lives of thousands of people suffering from genetic, acute and incurable diseases across the world.

The highlights of each one-hour ThetaHealing Session are…

These positive changes are all made possible through a simple process of co-creation with the Creator of All That Is, from the 7th Plane in Theta state, and are always oriented to the client’s best and highest good. A typical ThetaHealing session takes forty-five minutes to one hour. Usually, any situation/ disease gets resolved in one, two or three such sessions, subject to the client’s free will, and divine timing. The positive healing effects of ThetaHealing are mostly permanent or very long-lasting. All ThetaHealing sessions at HealMeditate are conducted one on one by Sunetra Basu.

Energy Exchange for a one-hour ThetaHealing Session is INR 3500 / USD 47.

Please contact Sunetra for payment options. Please pay using the following PayPal button if you cannot avail bank transfer to India…

The 7th Plane Theta Meditation

Sunetra conducts an incredible twenty-minute 7th Plane Theta Meditation event. It happens twice a week for each batch, and is conducted as an online group meditation workshop. Participants are guided by Sunetra up into the 7th Plane of the Creator of All That Is, and experience first hand the feel and bliss of the Creator’s unconditional love and unlimited healing light.

Healing benefits of this deep meditation are…

This is a recurring event (twice a week) and signups are for one month or more. Monthly energy exchange for 7th Plane Theta Meditation is INR 2400 / USD 33.

Please contact Sunetra for event booking and payment options. Please pay using the following PayPal button if you cannot avail bank transfer to India…

Contact Details…

WhatsApp: (011)91 7899922051
Remember, when you and the Creator come together in Theta, anything you desire becomes possible… for your best and highest good!

Sending you the Creator’s unconditional love and unlimited light…
~ Sunetra Basu
Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher

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