White Light Healing Meditation

Divine White Light Healing Meditation is a sublime healing practice. It is a precious healing tool that brings relief from pain and recovery from disease with a simple minute daily practice. The twice a day practice ensures continuous flow of White Light through us and to attract resources that can transform our lives. Divine White Light is the highest healing wave across the visible cosmos and invisible planes consciousness. It removes adversities, brings relief from painful health conditions, restores inner calm and manifests positive changes in various aspects of life. Any individual, of age fifteen years or more can learn and immediately begin his/her amazing healing journey with this powerful practice. It is a profound spiritual experience in itself.

Divine White Light Healing Meditation Benefits:

It enables outstanding healing and transformation. Being of short duration, it is suitable even if one leads a very busy life. It reduces pain, restores peace and brings relief from health problems. It heals conflicts in relationships and removes obstacles and blockages in different areas of life. White Light awakens one’s inherent divine healing powers. It brings harmony and balance across the chakras enabling quick recovery, a healthier life, joyful work experience and fulfilling relationships.

White Light Healing Meditation Course

Course Fee: INR 3300 / USD 44
**Includes distance attunement, the course manual and course certificate that are emailed to the student, along with two video or audio phone sessions, each of one hour duration

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