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White Light Healing Meditation

You can and will experience that which you have been seeking for a long time...

relief from pain & health issues, restoration of inner calm, and living in positivity, clarity, power and abundance with...

White Light Healing Meditation,

a course, a solution, a short and simple practice with many many rewards.

Any individual fourteen years and above in age, regardless of his/her background and exposure to healing and meditation, can very easily pick up and begin this amazing practice. This simple practice called White Light Healing Meditation was gifted to Sunetra Basu in deep meditation and has been bringing immense, and very often miraculous healing in health and in life situations in very short time. Anyone above fourteen years of age, located in any part of the world can very easily take this course and get both trained and empowered by Sunetra to practice and heal amazingly fast with this natural and simple method.


Experience the healing method designed perfectly for a busy, fast life, that brings in most cases instant pain relief, inner calm, and with regular ten minute healing, relief from chronic and acute health problems, critical diseases and mental-emotional conditions, increased immunity, power, tenacity, increased appetite, sound sleep, mental balance, stability and overall abundance, 

Heal conflicts in relationships and stagnation in professional path, remove obstacles in financial situations and blockages in other areas of life with... 


White Light Healing Meditation done for just ten minutes twice a day brings a world of difference to your health and life situations by Divine Grace...


WHITE LIGHT HEALING MEDITATION founded by Master Healer-Teacher Sunetra Basu teaches a complete healing and meditation process that awakens your soul power... your own inherent Inner Divine powers to heal diseases and negative health conditions in you by aligning you consciously with the healing power of the Universal Divine, the Source of all creation, healing and love. It activates the power to reverse adverse situations, to cleanse energy blockages, to heal, reorganize and restore your vital life energies. WHITE LIGHT HEALING MEDITATION is a simple yet profound and natural healing method and is meant for beginners as well as those experienced in meditation. It is spiritual/Divine Light Healing at its best.

Sunetra Basu channels heal by the Divine Grace of White Light from her Guru Saibaba of Shirdi, the most powerful and all-inclusive healing wave of the Divine/Universal Super-consciousness. She uses this blessing to pass on this unique spiritual healing method to students all over the world for pain relief, complete chakra healing, positive life transformation, spiritual awakening, and manifestation of a life full of love, joy, health and abundance by His Grace.

Divine Grace can restore inner calm and perfect harmony and balance all across our chakras that naturally enables the restoration of health and quick recovery, leading individuals to a healthier, happier life, joyful work experiences and fulfilling relationships.

Sunetra's message to you

I welcome you to embark on this sacred path of healing with White Light!

White Light Healing ~ RETURN TO INNOCENCE MEDITATION is a fundamentally life transforming meditation. It is a very deep yet an easy-to-learn practice suitable for both beginners and those with experience with healing or meditation. It can reprogram your experience of life altogether to your highest potential and manifest your desires and goals with regular practice. This healing meditation practice is suitable for anyone fourteen years of age or older and willing to embrace healing with White Light. I teach and attune each person individually. All explanations and advice relevant to the course will be given to you directly by me over the phone and/or via emails. I will always be available to guide you and to answer queries related to your own healing practice.


If you want to register for White Light Healing ~ RETURN TO INNOCENCE MEDITATION COURSE please email me. I will respond with the course material and detailed guidelines along with available attunement dates and time slots. After taking attunement, and reading the course material, once you start the actual practice you will know for yourself the extraordinary healing potential that White Light brings to you! The healing meditation speaks for itself.


May you realize the powerful spiritual being you really are deep within, experience your inner soul power to take life in the direction your heart leads you!"

This extraordinary White Light Healing Meditation Course includes:

  • A detailed White Light Healing Meditation Practice manual energized with healing vibrations for the reader, with simple instructions suitable for the beginner and advanced practitioner... All course related information files will be emailed to you once you complete course registration.

  • A special attunement to align you perfectly with White Light Consciousness by Danya Basu,

  • Continued explanations and clarifications via email/phone relevant to this practice as and when you require,

  • Future guidance related to your healing meditation practice

To register for the White Light healing course, please following the steps below:

  • Email mentioning ~

    • Your full Name (first, middle, last)

    • Contact Phone number, if possible

    • Location (city and country)

    • Recent photograph (optional)

    • White Light Healing Meditation Course in the Subject of the email​

  • Pay the course fee below if you have not paid it yet.

  • You will get a direct response from Sunetra Basu.

  • If you want further clarification and information regarding the course please email

The White Light Healing Meditation mantra...

Faith and innocence are the greatest healing and protecting powers which, if preserved with focus and positive intention(s), will enable and manifest results that seem miraculous, but are actually the spontaneous outcome of these two sacred attributes.


After Registration...

After receiving your email, Sunetra will email you directly including the course material and all other details. She welcomes communication from all White Light aspirants on all matters relating to their healing meditation practice. All emails are individually responded to with appropriate explanations directly by Sunetra Basu.

This course includes valuable add-on study material that helps make your White Light Healing Meditation practice smooth and spontaneous.

Sunetra says, "I deeply trust that White Light Healing Meditation heals all adverse conditions and removes any impeding energies. It heals at a level even beyond karmic debts. White Light Blessings to you!"


Book your White Light Healing Meditation Course here

Book your White Light Healing Meditation Course here...
1. Email your full name, contact phone number(if possible), location(city and country) and a recent photograph(optional). Please mention White Light Healing Meditation Course as the subject of the email. 
2. Then pay your course fee - USD 98 / INR 6860 approximately either through the secure PayPal button to the right, or request information about other modes of payment in your email. Sunetra Basu will respond to your email soon.
Course fee $100 
(INR 7000 approx)

Note: If you are in need of this amazing healing tool, but unable to pay the above fee, please email Sunetra Basu mentioning the same. A reduced fee of USD 60 / INR 4200 approx. is accepted in such cases, that can be paid by selecting the secure PayPal button to the right.

Discounted Course fee $68 
(INR 4200 approx)

21 day healing sessions...

The 21 consecutive day healing session brings thorough energy cleansing, deep healing, rejuvenation and revival at physical, mental, emotional, auric, and cellular levels. It is a very effective healing course conducted remotely or in person by Sunetra Basu.
Please call or email to inquire or book your 21 day healing sessions, mentioning the following regarding the individual who is to be healed:
full name, city, country, problems to be healed, and a recent photograph.
Energy Exchanges for Healing Sessions channeled by Sunetra Basu can be made using the Donate button here...
Reiki Treatment

WHITE LIGHT HEALING MEDITATION is a complete spiritual healing practice in itself that aligns the practitioner to the highest divine healing wave, Divine White Light, and invokes the practitioner's Inner Divine power to heal any physical or mental-emotional condition, and to attract resources required to manifest life the way one prefers to experience it. The short and simple yet deep Divine Light Healing Meditation Practice has the power to manifest the kind of material success and spiritual progress you wish to experience. It is natural and safe for all. The only prerequisites to this course is that the student must be fourteen years of age or older, and should be willing to embrace the unconditional love and healing of White Light. The practice consists of a short ten minute daily healing meditation that is easy to learn even for those who are totally new to healing and meditation. 


This healing meditation provides a gentle, noninvasive, fast and natural healing solution for complete MIND~BODY~SPIRIT cleansing, rejuvenation and empowerment. It enables deep chakra healing, balancing, repairing and enabling healthy functioning of organs and endocrine glands. This magnificent healing meditation practice heals all existing negative conditions and protects the individual against negative forces. White Light heals universally across time, space, past, present and future.

White Light Healing Meditation Course Benefits...

The benefits of practicing White Light Healing Meditation for ten minutes twice a day are actually endless. However, the major ones are...


White Light Healing Meditation Course includes a phenomenal healing meditation exercise that is pivotal to the incredible healing process it initiates and deepens with every passing moment. The main purpose of this meditation is to create a state of total bliss, calm and utmost peace within through the mechanism of surrendering and with the power of Divine White Light. When the White Light practitioner experiences this inner state created by this exercise even for a few minutes twice everyday, diseases cease to exist - whether it is disturbed mental conditions, emotional distress, physical complications, or any other crisis in life like financial, career, relationship, or internal conflicts within oneself, the 'dis-ease' simply withers away from its very roots, and painful symptoms cease to exist.

The phenomenal White Light Healing Meditation Practice brings about complete cleansing, chakra healing, manifestation of abundance and much more. If practiced for ten minutes twice daily, this soothing yet intense meditation has the potential to enable...

  • Instant inner calm and mental peace with spiritual healing

  • Fast Recovery & pain relief

  • Rejuvenation & enhancement of beauty

  • Heals depression and mental fatigue

  • Relief from stress, anxiety and restlessness

  • Anger management

  • Fast, sound sleep

  • Better health with increased immunity

  • Faster and better comprehension

  • Thought clarity and emotional balance

  • Sharp intuition

  • Positive thinking

  • Complete chakra healing

  • Heals energy imbalances at the chakras and restores smooth life energy circulation for faster materialization of ideas

  • Balances life energies across the chakras for perfect mind, body, soul alignment

  • Mental, emotional and spiritual empowerment

  • Aligns you with your innermost divine(higher) consciousness

  • Enormous improvement in your perception of the nature of situations and people and the reality behind each, and, sharpness of intellect

  • Higher wisdom that guides you to the choices and actions that are most beneficial for you in all ways at every step in life

  • Heals and repairs undesirable cellular memory to erase negative tendencies and unfavorable hereditary conditions of your mind and body

  • Elevates your experience of day to day life and enables a naturally joyful state in you

  • Manifests abundance in all areas of life including love, finances and health

  • Works phenomenally fast to heal sensitive individuals and children, teens and older ones with autistic ADHD and similar attention/behavioral issues, calming them down and enabling them to listen and follow instructions with increased ease, peace and patience.

White Light Healing Benefits for Sensitive Children and Adults...

White Light Healing is extremely effective in restoring harmony in sensitive individuals, especially sensitive children showing symptoms of autism, ADHD, school depression, fear, anger, insecurity, and underdevelopment. This healing method does wonders in pacifying and harmonizing the mental and emotional patterns, as well as expression of sensitive individuals of all ages. The deep and far reaching healing effects and quick results of White Light Healing on sensitive individuals cannot be overstated! ...The positive developments in mental-emotional state and behavior, and transformation in thought patterns that White Light brings in sensitive individuals cannot be over-emphasized.


Guardians, close family members and/or parents of sensitive individuals are strongly advised to take this course and start practicing the short and simple ten minute practice of White Light Healing Meditation everyday for the cumulative healing of the entire family, member relationships, and particularly to boost inner calm, harmony, clarity and better comprehension in their sensitive family members, especially children of all ages. The results are visible over both short and long terms. With daily White Light channeling, over a period of time considerable improvements can be noted as decrease in irritability, aggression, fear and anger levels, and with continued internal healing evolves better thinking, perception and response  in individuals of all ages, gender, and background. Gradually, if the patient/candidate is over fourteen years of age, is alert and has the ability to comprehend and follow steps, he or she can be taught the same ten minute daily  practice of White Light Healing Meditation. This entitles the candidate to the dual benefit of self-healing as well as being channeled by a parent/guardian. Learn this practice, take this priceless gift in your own hands, and watch your sensitive loved ones mature and blossom in front of your eyes with just ten minutes of your dedicated White Light practice twice a day!

Consistent daily practice of White Light Healing Meditation  empowers you to effortlessly attract abundant resources and manifest the life you want to live. Everyone is eligible to take this course regardless of his/her background, spiritual inclination and religious following. You too can heal your negativities at lightning speed with regular White Light Healing Meditation for just ten minutes twice a day, anytime, anywhere. Many have been healed from critical health conditions and other unfavorable circumstances with regular White Light Healing. Through the White Light Healing Meditation Course Sunetra passes on this amazingly potent power of healing with White Light to those who wish to learn the secret to healing with their own inner divine vibrations to heal negative conditions and adverse life situations, to cleanse, transform and protect inner subtle energies, and to awaken Higher Consciousness within.

I had been suffering with gum problems that went undiagnosed for many years - despite regular visits to dentists in the UK - I have ended up with many gum problems. After finding out about Sunetra and her White Light Healing I requested to be on her weekly healing list. That was six months ago. At my recent visit to my dentist they told me my gums were no longer bleeding - something they never thought was possible! I am so relieved and grateful to know my body is healing in the White Light.

JW, Sussex, UK,

January, 2018.


—  Name, Title


This is a full disclaimer that the healing methodology and meditation technique used, referred to and passed on through this website are purely non-invasive spiritual/divine and universal in nature. They do not accrue to any religion, sect, cult or belief-system, and are not to be associated with any medical/surgical treatments, methodologies or practices. These spiritual healing methods do not substitute any medical treatments or procedures. Please continue to visit your doctor(s) and continue all medications and medical  treatment procedures as prescribed by your physician(s) even as you learn and practice these amazingly effective healing and meditation techniques every day. As your conditions improve with regular White Light Healing, your doctor(s) will naturally adjust your medicines and doses based on their medical expertise. 

Enjoy life in a much greater way with White Light!

With love and light!

~ Sunetra Basu

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